Regular dental hygiene is fundamentally the most important aspect of your dental health. Our experienced, gentle hygienists are here to assist you by providing a professional dental cleaning and to offer tips to help your personal daily dental care be more successful and efficient.


We make every effort to use high quality, biocompatible, evidence-based dental materials for all dental restorations. We use white tooth-coloured filling materials which are bonded into the tooth after the decay has been gently removed

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is too deeply decayed, bacteria can cause a severe infection of the nerve within the root canal system of the tooth anatomy. This often causes severe pain, or if it has occurred slowly over time an abscess can form and spread from the tooth to the surrounding tissue in the mouth. This form of dental disease must often be treated by a Root canal procedure or extraction to remove the infected tooth. If the goal is to not extract and to keep the tooth in the mouth, then root canal therapy is used to disinfect the central portion of the tooth called pulp and root canal system. Many root canal procedures can be done in our office with our experienced clinical staff. There are some special circumstances where your best care is obtained by our office referring you to a specialist called an Endodontist. Ask our clinical team for more information regarding these procedures.


When fillings are too large or portions of tooth structure have broken off, we may recommend crowns which are a longer lasting restoration used to cover over a large portion or often entirely encapsulating the tooth with a strong resilient material. Crowns can be custom shaded by dental lab technicians to be beautifully esthetic and fit accurately and precisely to the existing tooth structure.


A bridge is sometimes recommended when you have a missing tooth and require a functional and esthetic option to fill the gap with a prosthetic tooth called a pontic. Bridges are a good option to replace missing teeth with a restoration which is permanently fixed to the teeth. The bridge can be custom fabricated to fit accurately and precisely on some of your remaining teeth.

Dental Implants

In the unfortunate circumstance where you have lost a tooth and require a tooth replacement option, the dental implant often the best option to replace a single tooth or sometimes multiple tooth replacement. Implants may also be used to give better stability to dental prosthetics like fixed bridges, and partial or complete dentures. There are some circumstances where it is in the best interest of your care for our office to refer you to a specialist for implant placement surgery. If your surgery requires complex care, we work with an exceptionally talented specialty group from South Calgary to ensure your implant surgery is the most successful. Ask for more information about whether you would be a good candidate for dental implants.


Our goal is to help our patients keep their teeth healthy and strong, however; we understand there comes a point when teeth are too far damaged or painful and require extraction to remove the diseased or broken tooth. We can help you through an extraction with cautious and gentle surgical procedures.


We can offer services of sedation for most patients.
If you experience anxiety with dental appointments you are not alone. Your dental anxiety is understood by our team and we want to help you through it with a care and cautious approach.
Your comprehensive medical history is reviewed by our experienced clinical team and we can help determine if you are a successful candidate for sedation during dental procedures.

Invisalign and Orthodontics

Orthodontic correction of your bite and the appearance of your smile is a critical component of your dental health and often exceptionally complex. We consider treating only select cases using Invisalign clear aligners or traditional orthodontic braces. We work with exceptionally talented specialists to provide the best care possible for our patients. Ask us if you are a candidate for orthodontic care.

Nightguards, Sportsguards, Sleep Appliances

Several options are available for Bite Guards used during sleep or athletics. If you believe you are suffering from poor sleep and request an evaluation for dental sleep appliance please ask the clinical team for more information.